Company Introduction

Fujian Proplums Import & Export Co., Ltd is located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. Our company is a professional manufacturer of color coated steel plate, color coated aluminum plate, pressing tile slitting, slitting, Kaiping, embossing and other 30 kinds of export tiles. Our color coated steel plates and steel tiles are with various specifications and colors. Our company spirit is: Sincere Cooperation, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Business Philosophy. We take the customers' satisfaction as our goal and regards product quality as our enterprise life.  

With Continuous technological innovation, service innovation and brand management innovation, our factory has opened up a broad market for better market development. Our factory also improves the marketing network system and technological innovation system to promote the super conventional development. With continuous development and high technology adoption, Proplums will open the door to new attitude, and create a better future business with customers together.