Good News For PPGI Exporters To Pakistan

Released on Dec. 20, 2017

Pakistan conducted an anti-dumping investigation on colored coated coils (PPGIs) imported from China and South Africa. Although it ruled that the dumping margin was 2.36-37.53%, Pakistan decided to waive the imposition of a provisional anti-dumping duty.

The survey was launched in June with product hs codes of 7210.7020, 7210.7090, 7212.4010 and 7212.4090, with a thickness of 0.23mm or more.

Fourteen Chinese exporters responded to the survey and submitted the information, but none of the South African exporters responded. Therefore, the dumping margin was ruled as follows: 2.36% for Hebei Yanbo Caitu Coating Co., Ltd., 6.44% for Zhejiang Huada New Materials Co., Ltd, 3.65% for Hangzhou Jurui Steel Company and 6.44% for all other Chinese exporters. All South African exporters were 37.53%.

Pakistan's National Tariff Commission (NTC) said that "the preliminary determination of the surveyed products imports increased significantly and the price is far lower than the domestic market of similar products. Therefore, the domestic industry suffered significant damage to market share decline, and the development of the industry In addition, there is a threat of significant damage to the domestic industry. "


The applicant for the case, International Steels Limited, the only color-coated manufacturer in Pakistan, said in October it expects the National Tariff Commission to impose preliminary anti-dumping duties on imported products.