How To Deal With Details Of Color Coated Coil

Released on Sep. 27, 2018

First, the rivet of Color Coated Coil leaking water maintenance method: the application of sunlight single-component waterproof rubber brush 4 times, the thickness of about 1.5mm, the diameter of 50-60mm or so, the next time the coating is not sticky, the first time than the first time The coated diameter is large, and the thickness is thin in the middle. This will not leak rain at the rivet.

Second, Galvanized Steel Coil joint leakage method:

1. Apply 60mm wide sunlight 2000PA single-component waterproof glue at both ends of the seam, and the seam is adjacent to 20mm.

2, non-woven fabric, cloth width 150mm, pasted on the coated sun 2000PA waterproof glue.

3. Brush on the non-woven fabric or glass fiber cloth for 3 times. After painting, it is 50mm wider than the previous one and the thickness is about 1.8mm. The last time the coating is applied, the coating is not sticky.

Color Coated Coil