Installation Precautions Of Color Steel Sheet

Released on Jan. 18, 2019

1. Pay special attention to the details of the Color Steel Sheet installation. Firstly, transport the wall panel to the vicinity of the installation point with the pallet truck. Use the suction cup to stand the metal plate upright and the lower end on the skirting board. The two sides of the lining plate are close to the vertical keel, one side and the other. A wallboard with a spacing of 12mm is fixed on the fixed part, and is fixed on the vertical keel with self-tapping screws. The fixed spacing is between 300mm and 400mm. When assembling, pay attention to the horizontal and vertical. When the wallboard is to be cut after reaching, it must be Measured by size, cut and trimmed in the correct way, installed on the wall.

2. The corner of the wall corner is treated by the “U” type angled edge strip.

3, in order to achieve the overall effect of beautiful and generous, corners and columns can be customized factory-made fixed-length Color Coated Steel Sheet.

4. The corners of the wall are professionally trimmed with the same color, so that the corners are consistent with the wall. The charm of life comes from its diversity, and the different understandings of each person give it a rich color. Whether it is warm or peaceful, whether it is quiet or quiet, everything exists in the small box made of masonry.

Color Steel Sheet