Features Of Corrugated Steel Sheet

Released on Sep. 04, 2018

Easy installation

The Corrugated Steel Sheet movable room has the characteristics of light weight, splicing installation and free cutting, which determines the simplicity of installation of the movable room, which can greatly improve the efficiency and save the construction period. The surface material and insulation material of the fire-proof color steel sandwich panel are non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the fire protection specifications of the movable room.


A variety of studies have shown that it has been widely used in foreign countries for more than 40 years. The shelf life of color-coated steel plates treated with special coatings is 10-15 years. After that, anti-corrosion coatings are sprayed every 10 years, and the life of movable houses can reach more than 35 years.

The beautiful Corrugated iron Roofing Sheet has clear lines of dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style movable room building and achieve satisfactory results.

Corrugated Steel Sheet