Application Range Of High Quality Steel Trapezoid Tiles

Released on Dec. 28, 2018

Characteristics of High Quality Steel Trapezoid Tiles: Color-coated steel plate is a composite material, that is, the combination of steel material and organic material, so it has the advantages of both: the steel plate has high mechanical strength and easy forming property. There are also coating materials with good decorative and corrosion resistance. Application of Steel Wave Tiles China:

1. Construction industry: The color coated board is usually processed into corrugated board or sandwich board for construction.

2, in addition to doors and windows, rolling doors, decorative ceilings in the house.

3, home appliance industry: mainly using color coated panels to make the shell. Such as refrigerator door shell, refrigerator side panel, freezer door body, washing machine shell, microwave oven shell, air conditioner side panel, water heater shell and so on.

The physical properties of the coated surface of the coated board include: the thickness of the coating film, the integrity of the coating film, the hardness, gloss and color of the coating film.

High Quality Steel Trapezoid Tiles