The Role Of Hot Rolled Galvanized Sheet

Released on Aug. 31, 2018

The most commonly used steel grades for hot rolled Galvanized Sheet are: general commodity rolls, structural galvanized sheets, stamped galvanized sheet deep-drawn hot-dip galvanized sheets, bake-hardened hot-dip galvanized sheets, duplex steels, phase-change-induced plastics Wait.

The galvannealing furnace can be divided into three types: vertical annealing furnace, horizontal annealing furnace and vertical horizontal annealing furnace.

Generally, the cooling method of the hot-dip galvanizing plate cooling tower can be divided into two types: air cooling and water cooling.High Quality Galvanized Sheet, which is a thin steel plate immersed in a molten zinc tank to allow a thin layer of zinc to be adhered to the surface. It mainly adopts the continuous galvanizing production process, which is a galvanized steel plate which is continuously immersed in a zinc plating tank in a coiled steel plate; an alloyed galvanized steel sheet, which is also subjected to hot dip method. Manufactured, but after the tank is removed, it needs to be heated again to about 500 ° C to make it form an alloy coating of zinc and iron. This galvanized sheet has good adhesion and weldability.

Hot Rolled Galvanized Sheet