The way to decide on the right PPGI steel coil?

Released on Apr. 23, 2018

Rely on its exceptional functionality, PPGI steel coil was widely employed in construction, household appliance, lighting industry along with other location. But due to its different program areas and surroundings, the selection of colour coated steel coil must also pay particular attention. With its technical knowledge and market experience with clients, we outline four facets for everybody:

1. Coating thickness: The thickness includes romantic relation to the corrosion resistance of PPGI steel coil, and the rust resistance generally improve with the rise of coat thickness. The coating thickness ought to be supported by the ecological corrosiveness, service life and durability.

2. The colour difference of coat: There will potential to happen color gap throughout the manufacture and utilize procedure of PPGI steel coil. The colour difference is affected by the manufacturing organization, colour, utilize time, use surroundings and other aspects.

3. Coating gloss: Gloss mostly choose dependent on the usage and use customs. By way of instance, the building-use PPGI steel coil constantly choose low or middle gloss, and family appliance PPGI steel coil constantly select high gloss.

4. Coating hardness: Coating hardness signifies the coat resistant to the scrape, friction, collision or other mechanical activity, and includes a romantic relation to the scratch resistance, wear resistance of PPGI steel spiral. It mostly select via use, processing system, storage requirements etc.

As a professional PPGI steel coil manufacturer, we can supply PPGI steel coil with the following colors such as RAL5016 PPGI steel coil, RAL9024 PPGI steel coil, RAL5030 PPGI steel coil, RAL9027 PPGI steel coil, etc.

The way to decide on the right PPGI steel coil?