How to choose the appropriate PPGI steel coil?

Released on Jun. 30, 2018

Rely on its excellent performance, PPGI steel coil has been widely applied in building, household appliance, light industry and other area. But because of its different application areas and environment, the choice of color coated steel coil should also pay special attention. With its specialized knowledge and exchange experience with customers, we summarize four aspects for everyone.

1. Coating thickness: The thickness has intimate connection with the corrosion resistance of PPGI coils, and the corrosion resistance usually improve with the increase of coating thickness. The coating thickness should be confirmed by the environmental corrosiveness, service life and durability.

2. The color difference of coating: There will possible to occur color difference during the produce and use process of pre-painted galvanised iron coils. The color difference is influenced by the production organization, color, use time, use environment and other factors.

3. Coating gloss: Gloss mainly choose based on the use and use habits. For example, the building-use prepainted galvanized coils always choose middle or low gloss, and household appliance PPGI steel coil always choose high gloss.

4. Coating hardness: Coating hardness means the capacity that the coating resistant to the scratch, friction, crash or other mechanical action, and has a intimate connection with the scratch resistance, wear resistance of prepainted steel coil. It mainly choose through use, processing method, storage conditions etc.

How to choose the appropriate PPGI steel coil?