The difference between steel roofing sheet and color coated aluminum plate

Released on Mar. 15, 2018

Steel roofing sheets (double standing seam) for many years have produced high quality and technically proven roofing products for the construction industry. These thin and lightweight steel roofing sheets have excellent anti-corrosion, visual attractiveness and high mechanical properties making them very much in demand by architects, owners and developers.

A color coated aluminum plate has a precision rolling coating system using infrared heating technology. It has four roller coating line and thickness which uses a high molecular polymer as monomer and alkyd. The coating is ultraviolet rays (UV) and inclement weather resistant. Its gloss finish can be classified as matte and glossy and its paint surface has luster and smoothness in it.

We can provide both steel roofing sheet and color coated aluminum plate. More details contact Proplums.

Steel roofing sheet